In our decades of experience working with clients, we have found the primary drivers of financial success in a lifetime are:

  1. Have a thoughtful plan.
  2. Allocate towards the plan through savings.
  3. Avoid mistakes.

A common mistake we find the investing public makes is using the terms risk and volatility interchangeably.  They are distinctly different.

Risk is the probability of losing some or all of an original investment.* Properly diversified investment portfolios can be volatile, but the nature of proper diversification mitigates risk. In that sense, our most critical objective becomes managing Interventional Investment Risk® - what are the circumstances financial (or otherwise) that would force clients in a position to source liquidity from their portfolio during periods of market turmoil?

Our strategic planning framework is designed to anticipate the inevitability of down markets in a financial lifetime and assure enough margin of safety sits ahead of invested assets to weather: short to near-term liquidity needs, emergencies and/or opportunities.    

The end result is a strategic planning framework that improves the probabilities of goal achievement and more importantly, gives clients peace of mind.


All investments carry risk, including potential loss of money invested and no investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against loss in a down market.