Our team spends all day, every day, answering three fundamental questions:
‘Will I make it through retirement, do I have any financial blind spots, and am I missing any financial planning opportunities?’

In answering the question, ‘Will I make it through retirement?’, we have found the majority of people we speak with haven’t explicitly identified their financial objectives. Our work starts by helping you define everything you are trying to accomplish with your wealth, with a high degree of specificity. Next, we take a look at your current financial situation to determine the probability of achieving your goals. If your goals do not align with your current financial situation, we design a detailed plan to get you on track.

The question, ‘Do I have any financial blind spots?’, is far less intuitive and equally important. Our team takes a 360 degree look at you financially to determine if there is anything you might have overlooked that may cause harm to you, your family or your business. If we uncover any issues in that discovery phase, we introduce concepts and solutions designed to mitigate those risks.

Finally we address, ‘Am I missing any financial planning opportunities?’. Most people compartmentalize their financial planning. Said another way, they piecemeal aspects of the plan together over time, and that can result in missing important strategic opportunities across disciplines. We spend a considerable amount of time understanding the changing financial planning landscape, and do our best to assure these opportunities go unmissed.

At the conclusion of this exhaustive process, you not only have a comprehensive wealth management strategy in place, but you have also identified and addressed crucial questions that would have kept you up at night.